Chromebook vs HP Stream

Over the past several years, there have been several generations of budget friendly laptops costing less than $250; each generation has promised an expanded set of functionality at a reduced cost. Often, choosing a budget laptop entailed making some hard choices with performance, features, and style.

Recently, an interesting battle has been brewing in the budget laptop segment – Microsoft has partnered with several OEMs to release very-budget laptops. One of the most widely-publicized (and most colorful) is the HP Stream. Needless to say, I was curious how the performance of the HP Stream compares to a similar Chromebook, in this case the Acer Chromebook 11.

Chromebook vs HP Stream. How do they compare? Interestingly.


To benchmark these two units, I used a mix of browser and non-browser based tools.

Furthermore, in the case of Windows 8.1 (HP Stream) I also tested both Internet Explorer (IE) and Google Chrome. These tests were run three times and the results averaged.


Here are the results for each test (separately to avoid clutter.)

[visualizer id=”401″]

[visualizer id=”402″]

[visualizer id=”403″]

[visualizer id=”404″]


From a browser perspective, it looks like IE aced one test but then lagged in others. In terms of hardware, it looks like these two units are pretty evenly matched with the slight performance benefit going to thr HP Stream 11. The HP has a slightly faster processor than the Chromebook, so that may be the reason for the variance. All-in-all, in the Chromebook vs HP Stream battle – both seem like great deals considering their prices.