Programmatically pull Walk Score data

The other day I wanted to help get a set of Walk Score data for analysis and analytics (educational.) To their credit, Walk Score does have an API but getting a key turned out to be annoyingly difficult to me. Specifically, I used my GMail address but this website URL. Since the domain didn’t match, apparently they need to manually review my request.

Annoying. Rather than wait, it was just easier to programmatically pull Walk Score data with Python.

I noticed the cities all use a standard URL format:

Rather than waiting for whatever Walk Score had to say after reviewing my need, I decided to put together some quick Python to pull the three scores (walk, transit, and bike) for a list of US cities. You can find the code on my GitHub repository.

This script will take an input CSV file, look up the data for each city, and write the output to a file. This makes getting the three scores a (pretty) trivial exercise. Please note, this script requires the following libraries:

  • argparse
  • requests
  • sys
  • time

Please use this script responsibly. The point is to get data easily for educational analysis, not to cause trouble for Walkscore.